Future Plans

The Management Committee are now at the public consultation stage for new play equipment that is to be installed on the playing field. Dates and venues of the consultation will be announced in due course.

With the improvements to the pavilion almost complete the Management Committee are now to seek further funding grants so that a review can be given to further regeneration to the playing field area. Considerations are to be given to extending the current pavilion to enable more changing rooms for females and referees, to improve the storage facilities and a possible car parking area.

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Playing Field Pavilion

Contractors have almost completed external and internal improvements to the pavilion. The work is of a very high quality and the contractors have totally transformed the appearance, condition and usability of the building.

Further updates to follow.

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Play Equipment Project

Proludic Uk have now been formally appointed to take the lead for the playground project. Proludic UK are a local company and their products etc can be viewed on the following website. 


The Management Committee are now in the process of arranging dates for community and school consultations to progress the project.


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Regeneration Project

Funds are now available to go ahead with Phase 1 of the regeneration of the play equipment on the playing field. The Management Committee is currently waiting for a resolution to be passed by the Trustees and Parish Councils to sanction the works to go ahead. It is hoped that this will sanctioned after the Parish Council elections in May.

Funds have also been obtained to improve the condition of the pavilion. These funds are held by Rushcliffe Borough Council as they were dedicated by the developers of the new development on Abbey Lane under a Section 106 agreement. Rushcliffe Borough Council have been provided with plans to improve the pavilion and the Management Committee are awaiting a decision.

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