Consultation – E-Mail Address

The-mail address for comments is not working. If you have any questions please use (note the .uk at the end).
The original e-mail address is being fixed but it will take a couple of days. Please let your friends and neighbours know, if they wish to ask any questions to use the alternative e-mail address.

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New Building Project – Consultation

As reported in the previous post, the Consultation Documents are now being delivered to every Household in the two parishes.

If you haven’t received yours yet be patient they are on the way. Alternatively you can download them below:

Survey 2016
Draft Plans and Drawings
Information Document

Please only complete one survey per household.



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Playing Field Consultation

The Whatton and Aslockton Playing Field Trust is conducting a Consultation on the proposal for a replacement for the existing pavilion.
Documents explaining the proposal along with a survey are being delivered to all households in both parishes (Whatton and Aslockton) over the next few days.
Residents are asked to complete the Survey and return it in the ‘Business Reply Envelope’ (no postage required) by the 15th October 2016. Whether you are in favour of the project or not, your view is important to the future development of this excellent facility.
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Football in the 2016/2017 Season

The Greyhounders FC have joined the Second Division of  the Nottinghamshire Precision League and will play their home games at the Playing Field.

The Cranmer Arms FC will also play their home games at the playing field, they have joined the Nottinghamshire Amateur League.

Two Aslockton Cranmers Under 10 teams (one on Sunday and one on Saturday) will also be using the Playing Field for their Home matches.

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