The Trustee is Aslockton Parish Council and Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council. A joint Committee of both parish councils undertake the Trustee responsibilities on behalf of the Parish Councils. For the 2016/2017 year the members of the Trustee Committee are:
Cllr. GR Redford – (Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council)
Cllr. C Haslam(Aslockton Parish Council)
Cllr. M Barker (Aslockton Parish Council)
Cllr. J Brown (Aslockton Parish Council)
Cllr. C Grocock (Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council)
Cllr. R Evans (Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council)

The Chairmanship of the Committee rotates between the two parish councils at each meeting.

The Trustee delegates the day-today management of the facility to the Playing Field Committee.

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