Community Recrecreational Centre

History and background

The Playing Field has been the site for cricket since 1895. The lease to the field was acquired jointly by Aslockton and Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Councils (‘the Councils’) and the field continued to be used for cricket and a children’s play area. In 1994, the freehold was acquired by the Councils and during the latter part of that decade the northern part of the field was levelled and a football pitch was installed.

The playing field was dedicated to the National Playing Fields Association in May 2006 and as a result of that dedication the Whatton and Aslockton Playing Field Trust was created. The sole Trustee (the Councils) delegated the management of the facility to the Playing Field Committee which consists of appointed members from each of the Councils, the user clubs and four elected members.

The existing building was built in the 1970s and extended in the late 1990’s and is now in need of replacement.

The Trust is currently funded by:

  • Contributions from each of the User Club for the use of the facilities.
  • Grants from both Parish Councils
  • Fund Raising activities.

Proposed Project

The Project Proposal is intended to address the lack of facilities to certain age groups / sexes and to replace the existing changing / tea rooms and can be summarized as:

  • Provide two changing rooms to ‘Sports England’ specification, each containing secure personal storage, showers and etc. The changing rooms will be used as the Home and Away facilities for football and cricket and male and female for use for the indoor facilities.
  • Separate Female changing room.
  • Dedicated Officials changing rooms to Sports England standard.
  • Disabled access throughout the facility.
  • Sports / Function room for Community Group use.
  • Committee / Tea Room for Community use.
  • Kitchen.
  • Bar.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and energy costs through the use of Micro-generation, water reclamation etc.

The underlying principle in the design of the Project is to provide a Community focused and Community managed facility. Enhanced changing facilities for the sports users and committee and function rooms, bar and kitchen to increase the potential use of the whole facility. It is not intended to compete with any existing facilities but rather to compliment them and to provide additional scope for areas that are currently unavailable.

The changing rooms are designed to provide a flexible facility for home and away teams, officials and a female changing room in the event of mixed teams. In addition the changing rooms will be available for other users of the facility.

The toilet facilities are designed to provide for both sports teams and for users of the function and committee rooms. Baby changing facilities are incorporated in the female toilet area a disabled toilet is also provided.

The Committee Room may be used as a single room or ‘opened up’ to enlarge the Sports/Function Room.

The provision of a Sports/Function Room provides a facility that can be used by Youth Groups and other Community Groups. In combination with the Bar and Kitchen the building could also host Sports Clubs presentations, Playing Field Fund raising events as well as private functions.

It is felt that the Function Room would be of particular value to Youth Groups as not only would it provide a ‘covered area’ for their activities but also access to the Play Equipment and the 5.5 acres of the playing field.

The proposed kitchen is intended to provide facilities for hot drinks, cold storage and cold snack preparation. Capacity will be available to extend the facilities in the future if required.

The bar area is intended to provide facilities for Sports Clubs presentations, Playing Field fund raising, bar facilities on match days and private functions all of which will provide an additional income stream.

The Project Team and Committee has spent a large amount of time in examining the design and layout of the facility but recognise the importance of community involvement in recognising areas that may have been overlooked. The purpose of the process therefore is threefold:

  1. To involve all parties in the design and layout of the building to ensure that the completed building will be as flexible in the ‘use potential’ as possible.
  2. To create a sense of ‘ownership’ of the project throughout the Community.
  3. To determine the level of support for the project.

The type of construction and funding proposal will be developed as the consultation amendments emerge.

The Project would also provide between 30 and 40 off-road car parking facilities.

The structure of the Management of the facility is also central to the planning and consultative process seeking to provide maximum community involvement in the ongoing management of the facility.

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