The Whatton and Aslockton Playing Field Trust receives its income from four main sources:

  • Revenue Grants from Aslockton and Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Councils.
  • Rental Income from the user Sports Clubs.
  • Fund Raising Activities.
  • Capital Grants from various sources.

The annual running costs of the playing field amount to circa £3,500. The figure includes ground, pavilion and play equipment maintenance, insurances, subscriptions and licence fees and professional charges. The running costs are basically covered by the income from the user clubs and revenue grants from the parish councils.

Any development and new equipment requirements have to be funded by fund raising and capital grants when they are available.

Any funds raised through ‘Fund-raising’ activities are allocated to the ‘Capital Reserve’ for the development of the field and are not used to cover revenue costs. If the fund-raiser identifies a particular project such as the Pavilion or Play Equipment any funds raised are ‘ear-marked’ to that particular project and are considered as ‘Reserved Funds’ to be spent only on projects that they were raised for.

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