9th October 2018


The Committee are currently in the process of applying to Rushcliffe Borough Council for funding under the Local Improvement Scheme for the sum of £25,000. This funding will be used to improve play area improvements. The Committee are confident that this amount will be awarded and will finance improving and upgrading the children/adult play equipment on the field.

Unfortunately the Cranmer Arms Football Club have folded and will not be participating in competitive football in the near future. It is hoped that this club can be re-established next year.

Greyhounders FC will not be participating in competitive league football this season but will be playing a series of friendly matches. This is the clubs centenary year and will be planning various events. It is also hoped that this club can re-establish itself to be a competitive team.

The Whatton & Aslockton Cricket Club have obtained a set of three new cricket square covers. These covers enhance the image of the playing surface and the next project is to seek grants for sight screens.