Pavilion and Playground Project

WAPFT is now working hard to secure funding for the Pavilion and Play Equipment project.  So far we have secured £7,000 from our two Parish Councils, and should be due to receive a minimum of £30,000 from the Section 106 contribution as a result of Abbey Lane development. We are fighting hard to secure this and additional monies from the development not necessarily earmarked for the Playing Field and Pavilion Project, but which would nevertheless be well spent in our two villages as oppose to Bingham and other parts of Rushcliffe.

Following changes in the Officer positions within the Trust we are now actively engaged in funding applications to initiate both projects and improve the playing field facilities. 

Nevertheless there are distinct challenges in raising this money in the current climate with limited funding available for areas like ours. We would encourage any local residents with ideas to get involved in supporting the project.

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