Why no Village Gala

A number of people have asked why there is no Village Gala this year.

Over the past eight years the Fun Day which ‘morphed’ into the Village Gala took a great deal of organizing by a limited number of people. The number of people available to organize the event was shrinking and the cost of staging it was increasing. The support from residents for the 2013 event was poor to say the least, a lot of criticism but no offers of help.

Additionally, the outlay for the day in 2013 was around £2,000.

Had it not been for the generous financial support from our County Councillor (Martin Suthers) and our Borough Councillor (Jacqui Marshall) the event would have made a significant loss.

The Committee decided that given the lack of people willing to be involved in organizing the event, the risk of the substantial outlay required the stage to day and the lack of support from residents in attending the event, it was decided to look for other fund raising activities.

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